Jalai Mistri

Zig Zag Bhatta Company provides the Jalai Labour to the high draught Bhatta brickfield.

We have highly experience Jalai Mistri and lodging labour.we are providing coal arrangement or id fan or box.

Labor availability is always 24×7.



High Draught Bhatta Company in India.

Zig zag Bhatta company is the best high draught Bhatta making company in India.

we provide service across India.

so if you want something to call me

we are making zig-zag Bhatta all over India and A lot of projects of the company are going on in India.

so if you want to ask something, please contact me.

High draught Bhatta technology in India.

We have been using fixed chimney type and Bull Trench Kiln for brick manufacturing.

so nowadays we are using a zig-zag kiln and high draught kiln technology.

There are newer technologies that are more energy-efficient and cause but lesser pollution.

One such technology named fixed chimney Zig – Zag kiln. The Zig-Zag kiln and High Draught Kiln is similar to firing technologies with essential variations in brick setting patterns.

where the kiln basic structure just like the same.

The principle followed in this family of kiln types is to prolong the travel path of the fire.

This high thermal efficiency of the kiln reduces fuel consumption by 25%.

The earliest type of this technology was termed as Zig-Zag kiln developed in the early 1900s.

The design of this type of kiln ensures continuous operation of the kiln. so we are making all types of the kiln.