Zig Zag kiln

zig zag kiln (furnace) offers a 15-20% decrease in Specific Energy Consumption and up to 80% decrease in SPM discharges over FC-BTK.

A higher level of Class first blocks is delivered when contrasted with FC-BTK (80-85% Class first blocks when contrasted with 55-60% in FC-BTK).

There is a possibility for simple Convert of FC-BTK to common draft Zig-zoom furnace and Savings from diminished fuel utilization and expansion in income because of a higher level of Class I blocks.

The capital expense of retrofitting of existing FC-BTKs ranges from INR 10-25 lakhs and takes care of in 3 months-2 years.

The compensation time frame for the new development of the Zig-zoom oven is 2-3 years. Crisscross oven required gifted labor for its activity.

Be that as it may, a similar workforce working in FC-BTK can be effortlessly prepared for working Zig-cross furnaces.

four people are required for terminating at a 6-hour move. Characteristic Draft Zigzag terminating oven is a moving fire furnace wherein the fire moves in a shut rectangular circuit.

It has numerous similitudes with FCBTK innovation; the primary contrast being the crisscross wind stream way.

The blocks are stacked in such a way to manage the wind stream in a crisscross way.

Crisscross Bhatta stream expands the wind current way length and choppiness noticeable all around, in this manner bringing about improved burning and warmth move rate and uniform temperature over the oven cross-segment.

the long terminating zone and fuel taking care of training improve the ignition effectiveness of the oven.

The primary development in a normal draft crisscross furnace is that while the customarily crisscross terminating was finished with the help of fan draft, in this ki

ln, the crisscross Bhatta activity is accomplished through the smokestack draft.

The primary preferences of normal draft crisscross furnaces are decreased vitality utilization, diminished toxin emanations, and improved item quality

Advantage of zig-zag kiln

-zig zag kiln furnace and high draft Bhatta decreases 20-25% Specific Energy Consumption.

2-zig zag kiln furnace and high draft oven decrease up to 75% in SPM outflows over FC-BTK.

3-Increase the level of the class first blocks.

4-crisscross furnace and high draft oven produce 85-90%, top-notch blocks.

History of Zigzag kiln

The crisscross terminating idea was first utilized in the Buhrer Kiln, which was protected in 1868 by Jacob Buhrer of Switzerland. The Buhrer Kiln was like a Hoffmann Kiln in development. The fundamental advancement was the crisscross way of wind current. The crisscross way expanded the separation went via air in the furnace and made choppiness. A fan was utilized to initiate the fundamental draft for the wind stream.

The crisscross terminating idea was later utilized in Habla Kilns, which were broadly utilized in Germany between the first and second World Wars. They were likewise mainstream in Australia. In India, the Zigzag Kiln was first presented by the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) during the mid-1970s, which was later imitated in Bangladesh and Nepal. These ovens were called Induced/High Draft Zigzag Kilns as they utilized a fan to make the draft for wind stream in the furnace.

In the previous 40 years, numerous adjustments have happened to the first plan and a few distinct varieties of High Draft Zigzag Kilns can be found in the field. As of late, some block producers have changed the block setting and rehearses and are effectively working the oven with the regular draft of the smokestack without utilizing a fan.

The main features of Zigzag kiln technology are as given below.

zig zag Bhatta block Kiln is of rectangular shape. The blocks are terminated in the space (called ‘channel’ or ‘burrowed’) between the rectangular focal piece of the oven and the rectangular external mass of the furnace.

The smokestack can be found either at the focal point of the oven or on any side of the furnace.

It is a nonstop moving-fire oven where the fire consumes consistently and moves in a shut rectangular circuit through the blocks stacked in the channel.

The draft required for the progression of air in the oven is made either by the smokestack or by a fan.

In Zigzag Kilns, the blocks are stacked in a way with the end goal that unmistakable chambers are framed in the block set In interchange chambers, the openings for the progression of air through the block sets are given so that it causes the crisscross progression of air in the oven.

Typically, strong fills, for example, coal, wood, sawdust, and horticulture deposits are utilized in Zigzag Kilns.

The size (impression) of the furnace is commonly 65–100 feet (20–30 m) in width and 200–250 feet (60–75 m) long.

Run of the mill creation limit: 20,000–50,000 blocks for every day.

the Capital venture required: Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh (barring the expense of land and working capital).

The territory of land required: 4–6 sections of land (15,000–25,000 square meters) barring the land required for the unearthing of earth.

Regular activity: the furnace works during the dry season as it were.

What is the average execution of Zig zag Bhatta innovation?

The exhibition of Zigzag Kiln innovation as far as vitality utilization, item quality, and toxin emanation is given beneath.

Explicit vitality utilization (SEC) of Zigzag oven innovation: 0.95–1.15 MJ/kg of terminated blocks.

As a rule, over 80% of the blocks delivered in a Zigzag furnace are of Class-1 quality. The remaining are either over-consumed, under-consumed, or breakages.

The emanation of the particulate issue (PM) in the vent gases is in the scope of 30 to 250 mg/Nm3 or about 0.23 g/kg of terminated blocks.

Zig Zag kiln technology

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